Amsterdam important Places tot Visit, five of them not more than 500 meters from Adolesce!

Museum De Hermitage

Open since 20 juni 2009


This museum is a cooperation between the first and only Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. Amsterdam is the first satelite museum, where part of the collection can be shown.

Museum Hermitage

The museum in St. Petersburg


Visit the website of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg to see the differences in styles.


Portugese Synagoge

First and beautiful synagoge of Amsterdam


Portuguese Jews played a significant part in the cultural and economic development of the Dutch Republic. Moreover, they enjoyed a freedom of religion unique in Jewish history.The synogoge was inaugurated in 1675. Since then, almost nothing changed in the interior.



Operahouse Amsterdam



Modern dance and opera's at 500 meters from the Adolesce Hotel!


Theater Carré

Royal Theater Carré


At about 500 meters from the hotel Adolesce is the biggest and most famous Dutch Royal theater Carré


Jewish Museum

History from neighbourhood


Many films, photos and objects from the rich jewish history of Amsterdam, another 500 meters from the hotel.


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam


Dutch painters and other masterpieces are to visit in one of the world's most famous museums, which has recently opened their doors in a brandnew and astonishing architectural re-design.


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